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Scosche Rhythm 24 Android Settings Hack

While we wait for the Android app for the Scosche Rhythm 24 Heart Rate Monitor to be available, we can change the heart rate measurement settings on the Rhythm 24 with the third party Bluetooth app nRF Connect. Get the app HERE and open the full post to read instructions below.

* Use these instructions at your own risk. It is possible to go off track and make a change that could mess with your Rhythm 24′s firmware settings and perhaps even cause a permanent problem with your Rhythm 24.

Google Daydream Controller Plugin for HoloLens

Establish a Bluetooth connection between your Google Daydream controller and HoloLens with this plugin for Unity.

Access Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Touchpad coordinates, and all 5 buttons. An included bridge class processes the raw data into Action events making it easy to respond to button presses on the controller. The bridge class processes the orientation data into a Quaternion allowing you to easily set the localRotation property of Game Objects to match the real-world rotation of the controller. Or, access the raw byte array data from the controller directly!

See it in action here: Video

Get your copy from the Unity Asset Store now!:
Pro Version Unlimited access to controller outputs
Lite Version IMU and raw data values time-out after 2 mins.

The HoloLens comes with a gaze-based pointing mechanism where the user points their head straight towards the object they’re interested in selecting. It is not the most natural input mechanism because we don’t often point our heads directly at the object of our interest. This plugin allows you to move a selection point around the scene by projecting a simulated laser beam out from the handheld Google Daydream controller. Read the full article »

Eddystone Bluetooth Beacon with Arduino 101

Here’s an open source Arduino program that allows a Arduino/Genuino 101 to act as an Eddystone Beacon, sending URL or URI information to nearby devices.
GitHub: GitHub. Details below.

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