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Mobile Performance Tester — Now Live in App Stores

Performance Tester Icon
The Roguish Mobile Performance Test Application has been released on 3 mobile platforms: iOS, BlackBerry PlayBook and Android. The app is designed to demonstrate the performance difference with various Flash development settings and techniques. I’ll update this post with more details about the app and performance test results.

The app was published with Flash Builder 4.5 and the AIR 2.7 overlay.

Below are the download links in the various app stores: Read the full article »

BlackBerry PlayBook First Impressions/Use Tips

BlackBerry PlayBook In HandMy BlackBerry PlayBook arrived recently. Here’s a few first impressions, discoveries and comments about it. Read the full article »

JVM Terminated: Java 1.6 on Mac OS X 10.5.x (for PlayBook) breaks Flash Builder

The Problem: JVM Terminated
You are a Flash developer using Flash Builder and a Mac running OS X Leopard (10.5.x). You want to develop an app for the new BlackBerry PlayBook using Adobe AIR so you get everything you need from the BlackBerry site ( and install it according to the instructions.

Once you have the BlackBerry SDK installed, VMWare installed and running the BlackBarry virtual machine simulator you’re all ready to head over to Flash Builder to output your AIR project to try it in the Simulator. To your surprise, Flash Builder won’t launch! Read the full article »

Tricky end-game — signing your PlayBook apps

Here’s a Fantastic blog post by Adobe Platform Evangelist Hemanth Sharma with detailed step-by-step instructions to help you through the tricky end-game of deploying an AIR app to the new Blackberry Playbook — getting setup to sign and submit your app.

10 Easy Steps to Package and Sign AIR Apps for PlayBook