Scosche Rhythm 24 Android Settings Hack

While we wait for the Android app for the Scosche Rhythm 24 Heart Rate Monitor to be available, we can change the heart rate measurement settings on the Rhythm 24 with the third party Bluetooth app nRF Connect. Get the app HERE and open the full post to read instructions below.

* Use these instructions at your own risk. It is possible to go off track and make a change that could mess with your Rhythm 24′s firmware settings and perhaps even cause a permanent problem with your Rhythm 24.

Note: images are from an iPhone Touch, however the nRF Android app has the same functionality but looks slightly different. Click an image to see it at full size.

  1. Install the nRF Connect app on your Android device and launch it. Be sure Bluetooth is turned on on your phone. Your phone must support Bluetooth 4.0. Most new-ish phones do.
  2. Turn on your Rhythm 24 and be sure it is not connected wirelessly to any other phone. Click the Scan button in the app. When you see the Rhythm 24 appear in the list of available devices to connect with, click the Connect button.
  3. Once the Rhythm 24 has successfully connected you will see a list of Services that are on the Rhythm 24: Generic Access, Generic Attirbute, and more… Scroll down to the first Service called Unknown Service. It has UUID: fce61000-7802-4392-b6b7-96b18deaad22. Click it to open it.
  4. You will see a list of Unknown Characteristics. We will use the first one to control the Rhythm 24′s heart rate setting. UUID: fce61001-7802-4392-b67-96b18deaad22. Find the icon on the right side that looks like three downward facing arrows and click it. Note that the Lines below the UUID have expanded and now show a Value setting. This is what we’re going to change.
  5. To change the Value setting tap the icon that looks like a single upward facing arrow. A new Write Value window will appear over the app. The cursor should be in a field that lets you set a new Value. Enter a 2-character code from the following list then click Send. You must use 2 characters, even for the numbers like “02″:
    • HR Only: 00
    • Running: 01
    • Cycling: 02
    • Swimming: 05
    • Heart Rate Variability: FF
    • Duathlon: FD
    • Triathlon: FE
  6. After you’ve sent a new code, verify that the setting was successful by checking it in the Value field.
  7. That’s it! Your Rhythm 24 is now in the mode you chose. Click the Disconnect button to disconnect the nRF app from your Rhythm 24 and then connect your Rhythm 24 with the Android app of your choice.

If you found this post helpful or if it didn’t work, please comment below. Soon Scosche will launch their official app for Android and we won’t have to use this hack. :)

Note: I updated the Rhythm 24′s firmware from an iOS phone using the official Scosche app before trying this, so I don’t know if it will work on a *stock* Rhythm 24 that hasn’t been updated. Please reply in the comments if you try this on a stock Rhythm 24 to let me know if it works.