AIR Overlay Instructions

Using different versions of AIR with Flash/Flex publishing can be a hassle and requires odd code-monkey wrenching. When I need to overlay a different version of the AIR SDK over my Flex SDK I usually do a quick Google search to find the instructions. The Adobe Knowledge Base article dedicated to this usually pops right up, but my most recent search didn’t turn up any results. I discovered that the post has been renamed (seemingly to address the most common error that would lead someone to want to overlay a new AIR SDK).

Here’s the link to Adobe’s AIR overlay instructions: LINK

Here’s a quick reference to the Mac Terminal command that uncompresses the SDK package and overwrites all files: sudo tar jxvf AIR15_mac_sdk_XXXXXX.tbz2

Update: The article is now more helpfully titled again: “Overlay the AIR SDK with Flex SDK”

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