Global Game Jam 2017 — VR Game “Flutter”

48-hour Global Game Jam 2017 — Flutter
(Theme: Wave)
: Game Jam Entry

A VR experience simulating a 1000 foot leap into the air then a vertigo-inducing descent. Jump to initiate a superhero-like leap in the game, soaring far above the canopy of a mystical forest. You’ll feel a few moments of weightlessness as you reach the peak of your jump before beginning your fall back to earth. You’ll feel a flutter in your stomach as you land with a WHOMP and knee-buckling impact (virtual) sending ripples through the scene.

Playtesters playing Flutter: Playtester Video
Me playing Flutter during development: Development In-Progress Video

Our Global Game Jam entry was built for HTC Vive VR using Unity. We set out to create a powerful visceral feeling of leaping to great heights and falling back to the ground without triggering a feeling of nausea for the player. This requires moving the virtual camera in a way that doesn’t match the user’s head movement, which violates essential *rules* of VR because it tends to cause the player to feel nauseous (Virtual Reality Sickness). We theorized that we might be able to get around that problem by limiting non-user-linked camera movement to only one axis (vertical). We also suspected that the user might associate the stomach fluttering feelings with real-world activities like jumping off a high dive at a swimming pool rather than the stomach turning feeling often associated with car-sickness.

During the Show-and-Tell portion of the weekend we had about 30 play-testers and most reported feelings of awe and power. Only 2 play-testers reported feelings of nausea. Our team is interested in continuing our explorations of unique movement simulation in VR to evoke exaggerated physical feelings for the player.

Randy Guo – Producer / Designer
Elliot Mebane – Programmer / Designer
Adam Bain – Artist
Caleb Hannan – Audio + Music

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