HoloLens Bluetooth LE Plugin for Heart Rate Monitoring

Bluetooth LE plugin for Microsoft HoloLens, published for FREE for developers to use in their own HoloLens games and apps!

YouTube video from user’s perspective (through the HoloLens): YouTube

The demo app for HoloLens devices is available in the Windows Store: Microsoft App Store

The plugin for Unity is available for FREE in the Unity Asset Store: Unity Bluetooth LE HRM Plugin

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  1. Woon

     /  April 4, 2017


    My name is Woon Cho who is interested in learning how to connect to the BLE with HoloLens but not Heart rate monitoring. For this reason, I would like to ask your plan for the Plugin whether it can be opened to the public. Although I found UWA…in your github, it is empty.


  2. Dear developer,

    Thanks for providing this for free, and with a Unity plugin as well! Too cool ^^

    I’m really into this kind of sensor collection / fusion work, please drop me a line if you are interested in working on more stuff like this!

    Arun Mikael Mehta

  3. (oops not sure you can see my email! Just in-case, it’s arun(dot)mehta(at)plusone(dot)space

    Cheers :)


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