Revelens Video Player Platform for Product Placement Purchasing

I built the video player for the Revelens Product Placement and Purchasing video platform.

The Revelens player allows the viewer to access more content associated with different parts of videos. The video owner connects specific parts of the video with weblinks, allowing product placement in the video to be tied directly to product purchase pages for the products in the video. Video owners may also make links to any kind of additional content their users may want to see that are related to the user’s favorite parts of the video timeline.

Revelens Platform Promo Video

Development Notes
We captured snapshots of the video while it was running in the browser and sent these snapshots to an Amazon AWS bucket. A backend server was written to handle user account management.

I solved several problems in the course of developing this video player.

  • SecurityError #2122 Redirected CDN Video File: Blog Link
  • Referencing the Video Instance in OSMF (for BitmapData.draw): Blog Link

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